The Internship: Sweat And Tears

Surely, many final-year students are eagerly looking forward to leaving school to start working, doing internships, etc., for various purposes. Some want to earn a living, some want to prove themselves when encountering life, some just want to work to get by, etc. I’m no different; I also have a story about my final year of college just like you.

The Ambition

I have a passion for drawing and everything related to it, making something become art. With the enthusiasm and desire to express myself as a 20-year-old youth who has never encountered the outside world, of course, I would want to set my goals straight towards studios specialising in art or comic drawing. And so, I finally achieved what I had dreamed of, becoming an intern at a comic studio in Ho Chi Minh City, with eyes full of confidence and youthful enthusiasm.

The Preparation

On the day of the interview, I woke up two hours earlier than usual, prepared my outfit to go to the appointment. I still remember vividly the outfit I wore that day, based on Hedi Slimane’s rock style. I was accepted to work right after.

Before summarising my internship experience, I would like to offer some advice for internship interviews for those students who are uncertain:

  1. You must thoroughly research the company you are preparing to intern with, from social media posts, images of people working in the company, or the website to equip yourself with well-prepared answers that the interviewer will ask you. Besides, this will also help you prepare beautiful outfits and match your individual personality with the company’s overall style, making you more confident about yourself.
  2. Three hours before the appointment, you should prepare the necessary items that the employer requests for the interview, from documents to portfolios.
  3. Practice speaking in front of a mirror a few days before, as this will make your personal presentation to the employer more coherent when facing continuous questions. Speaking clearly and coherently will also make you more confident, which is always highly valued in any situation. But remember, the line between confidence and arrogance is very thin.
  4. Discuss the terms of employment so that you won’t be stuck with some unanswered questions later on.
The Diary

Continuing my internship story. The first week of work was truly an anticipated week; I went out without having to go to school (something I used to hate, I hated sitting still in class), bought a latte coffee every morning, wore 7 different outfits in 7 days, with a smile always on my face and the youthful energy overflowing.

Then the second and third weeks were just like that. I must say, back then I did a good job, although not perfect or outstanding, but quite fast, much faster than expected, so I could handle many additional tasks within the company, assisting my colleagues. At that time, I didn’t know that this would contribute to my exhaustion both mentally and physically in the following months, making me take a break to stabilise myself mentally.

The Evolution

Before starting to work, you should know that working is a way to develop yourself, turning ambition into reality. But at the same time, working is also part of everyday life. I didn’t know that. Back then, I had been living alone since the end of high school years. No matter how strong I felt mentally, I had to accept that I had been very pampered and protected by my family, so it was very easy to experience culture shock when living alone and being independent. Of course, I did well, I can confidently say that, but some problems arose. The place where I worked was quite far from home, so every time I came back, I was always tired and exhausted, coupled with the fact that they didn’t provide me with a monthly allowance, so I was always in a state of deprivation, I also hesitated to ask for support from my family. Financial issues are always one of the hardest problems for everyone.

Another thing I mentioned in the previous paragraph, because I worked quite fast and always sensitive in helping others, gradually I was given too many tasks, making my mind always overloaded, extremely tired, and stressed.

The Healing

Starting the fourth month was the peak, because I couldn’t bear it anymore and couldn’t deal with anything more. The exhaustion made me unable to feel anything to develop myself, so I stopped working there to give myself some time to rest. During the rest period, I looked back on my work process, the development of the young man, and I have some advice for you, which may help you in the upcoming journey:

  1. You must always think about self-development before anything else. This is the most important thing I feel, when you develop yourself, what you do will also develop at the same time, this is a positive synergy, this process will automatically make you develop a part of the company.
  2. Do the tasks assigned correctly, don’t rush tasks to avoid depleting your own energy, which will lead to always going to work with a tired body and gradually stagnating.
  3. Try to quit bad habits like staying up late, unhealthy eating, using stimulants.
  4. Don’t overly rely on job evaluations, you have to carefully reconsider your own process and products to be evaluated by your superiors.
  5. Be careful with the details of each product, because this is not a subject you are studying at school, where you are allowed to make many revisions when making mistakes. This is dealing with customers, they can cancel deals if you make too many mistakes compared to the original requirements.

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