Names of famous brands inspired by Greek Gods

Greek mythology is not just a “legacy” of human civilization, but also an endless source of inspiration for various fields such as fashion, painting, film, architecture, and even business, specifically in brand building. With a combination of modern creative spirit and historical culture, many brands have brought unique messages and images, here are 7 famous brands that have been successful in drawing inspiration from the Greek gods! Let’s explore!


Starting the list is the sportswear brand Nike, inspired by the name. The brand has leveraged the similarities between the spirit of victory of the goddess Nike and the spirit of the brand to create impressive messages and images. By taking the name of the goddess of victory, Nike wants to convey messages about endurance, the will to overcome, and the desire to surpass all limits to reach glory.


Next is the jewellery brand Pandora, with a name inspired by the story of the first woman in Greek mythology, similar to the biblical character Eve.  Like Eve, Pandora plays an important role in shaping humanity and the world around. She was given life and each god gave her a gift. 

The renowned jewellery brand has created unique products that represent diversity and personalisation for each customer. Just as Hephaestus created Pandora with skill, the designers of the Pandora brand also craft exquisite pieces of jewellery. 


NYX is a prominent cosmetics brand with a reputation in the makeup sector, named after the goddess of the night. In Greek mythology, the goddess NYX is seen as a symbol of darkness and mystery. Leveraging this symbolism, the NYX brand also conveys messages and images of alluring, confident, and captivating women.

With a combination of unique colours and formulations, the NYX brand creates products that offer sharp beauty while still retaining allure and sophistication. From multi-coloured eyeshadow palettes and enchanting lipsticks to blush and foundation, the NYX brand helps women explore and create an attractive appearance.


The name of the Hera cosmetics brand is inspired by the goddess of marriage in Greek mythology. Hera represents power, feminism, and feminine beauty. She is also known as the “goddess of goddesses” and is the wife of the supreme god Zeus.

The Hera brand draws inspiration from the values and meanings represented by the goddess Hera. It evokes the image of a powerful woman, with the aura of goddess Hera from Greek mythology, through consistent messaging and imagery, combined with products that bear a personal signature, catering to the needs and aesthetic tastes of modern women.


Versace is a renowned luxury fashion brand from Italy. Their logo is inspired by the Greek mythological figure Medusa, a snake-haired monster. Before becoming a monster, Medusa was one of the three guardians of the goddess Athena and was a woman so beautiful that anyone who looked at her could not help but fall in love. After becoming a monster, despite her terrifying image, Medusa also made it impossible for others to ignore her.

This spirit of “being so captivating that others can’t help but look, whether for beauty or horror” became the inspiration for the fashion designer and founder Gianni Versace, who had a deep passion for culture and history.


The Olympus brand takes its name from Mount Olympus, where the Greek gods were said to reside. This choice reflects the brand’s strong desire to create high-quality and globally renowned products.

The name “Olympus” has been used as a brand since the time of Takachiho Seisakusho (the brand’s founder). Interestingly, in Japanese mythology, Takachiho is also the name of the highest peak of Takamagahara, where the gods of the land of the rising sun dwelt. Therefore, the selection of the name “Olympus” as the brand was influenced by the fact that Mount Olympus, like Mount Takachiho, is considered the dwelling of the gods. This brand symbolises Olympus’s aspiration to illuminate the world with its optical devices, just as Takamagahara brings light to the world.

The brands mentioned above are excellent examples of drawing inspiration from Greek mythology. By leveraging ideas and symbols from Greek mythology, these brands have succeeded in creating unique messages and images, attracting customer attention. They are a testament to the power of Greek mythology and its flexible applicability in the modern business sector.

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